The candied Provence cherry

Lhe white cherry whose most famous variety is the Bigarreau Napoleon is produced in the Mediterranean regions. It is used to make candied cherries and sweet cherries in syrup.

It is a dedicated output for the processing

Manufacturing processes

Candied cherries

The candying is a very old process which consists in substituting the water of the fruit by sugar which ensures the conservation of it. After sorting, stalking, grading and pitting, the fruit is placed in an oven for ten days and immersed in a syrup that becomes increasingly concentrated…

Cherries in syrup

The manufacture of cherries in syrup absorbs 5% of the harvest. To make cherries in syrup, the fruits are carefully sorted, stalked and graded. They are most often pitted. Once put in boxes or jars with the syrup, they are heated to 100°C…

The candied Provence cherry

The production of the candied cherry of the Luberon and the Monts de Vaucluse dates back to the High Middle Ages. It is said that the delicacy was offered to Popes Urban V and Clement VI who were sitting in Avignon and appreciated it very much. Later, in the XVIIth century, it had no trouble attracting the graces of Madame de Sévigné who spoke of Apt in one of her letters to her daughter, Madame de Grignan, as a « jam cauldron »….Read more


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